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We are a small interactive community that discusses ideas and opinions with each other. We also acknowledge our content creators, such as streams, musicians, artists, photographers, video editors etc. 
We have also have a Discord Community, feel free to join in on our fun! 
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Elite is a small time stream with his heart and soul in the right place, he one day wants to archive his goal of becoming a twitch partnered streamer. 
So check him out
Bacon Baby
Bacon is the crispy boii you hear all the good laugh and jokes from, he is usually the brains of the crew and uses his knowledge to work his way through games to become the best he can.
Fizz is the sexy goat boi with a love for animals and games, he is a part time music producer and loves to share his work, fizz hopes one day to become a professional music producer.
Rubiq is a lost and found toy, he develop a love for games and their art style, with a passion for his musical talent, he one day hopes to make his music and content better to share with others.
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